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Sunday, June 26, 2011

7 Suspenseful Sentences!

These suspenseful 7 are from my wip! My heroine is racing headlong into something she does not expect, more about that will come with next Sunday'Suspenseful 7! ENJOY!

Valerie wasted no more time with thoughts about her purchases. She changed from her soiled slacks to the new ones, paid for all three purchases, and resumed her race for the courthouse. Deliberations about today’s case now filled her mind.

It should be simple, actually. She probably hadn’t needed to be so particular about the slacks she chose. The case was getting so close to its end. What she didn’t expect was what today would really be all about.

You can visit the Suspenseful 7 blog site at http://www.suspenseful7ss.blogspot.com !

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