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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Going Underground!

While neglecting my writing during this holiday season, I went on an adventure in Seattle this past week, along with my visiting niece and her boyfriend. Of course, being the paranormal writer that I am, Seattle’s haunted underground sucked us under the city’s streets.

It was all very interesting, but we saw no ghosts, and that was very disappointing. I took lots of digital pictures, which are supposed to be able to pick up spiritual essences, but none showed their presences to me. One showed its smiling face to me, but it was actually my niece behind an old window!

But the ghosts have not lost a believer! They were all probably too shy to make an appearance because it was in the middle of the day and there was a whole tour group there at the same time as I was; too much disbelief energy going on. But Hey! All was not lost! I got a shot of a beautiful Christmas star that is posted here on my site!

I’m always on the hunt! Those from other dimensions continue to populate my stories! And my visit to the Haunted Castle is coming up next month!

And speaking of Manresa Castle, my company visited there on a little self-guided tour of the state and got a picture of one! They got the picture of it in the doorway to a room and it followed them outside where they snapped another picture of it! (Personally, I believe the “ghost” they got a picture of was her boyfriend.) LOL!

You can Believe It, Or Not!! And that is your question of the day! Are you a believer of ghostly phenomena like I am?!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010


My RWA chapter, Olympia Romance Writers of America, engaged in our annual holiday luncheon at a local Seafood Restaurant on Saturday the 11th. I’m proud of myself (and you can be too) :) that I did not overeat as I usually do at our luncheons. The Salmon at the place we meet is just TOO GOOD!

Then when I got home from church on Sunday, Santa had arrived EARLY!! I was in a back room and my boyfriend carried in an LCD TV that he said Santa had left out on my porch!!

A cork board for arranging my nano scenes also showed up over last weekend and so now my novel is coming together! (Let me tell you, my nano novel’s scenes were all over the place!) I’m more of a “hands-on” person than a “tech-type” person so doing it with computer software is NOT the option I choose!

But it’s okay that my novel was scattered about! :) That’s the glory of going all out and writing a 50,000 word novel in a month! The writer’s creativity is released and FREE TO FLOW for a month of random writing! Then the next month comes when you get to put it all together in a logical format. LOL! Works for ME!

Among writers there are what’s known as Pansters (those who write by the seat of their pants) and Plotters (those who plot it all out and write a synopsis BEFORE they begin to write); I’ve learned that I’m a Patchworker (those who like to write it randomly and then patch it all back together again) LOL!!

So tell me, has Santa made an early appearance at your home too?!?! And for my writing buddies out there, how does the philosophy of National Novel Writing Month work for you?!


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Sunday, December 12, 2010

There it is!

My award for winning the 2010 NaNoWriMo has been received and is now in place in the Awards section on my BlogSpot!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nano Done and Won!

I’ve won the nano again this year! I hit the 50,000 word mark at 7:29 on the morning of November 23. It was my self-imposed deadline of getting it written by the time my son arrived home on his leave, between the stations that I wrote about in my last blog, that did it.
The words just flew out as my characters told their story to me! I had originally planned that if I wrote ten pages a day (2500 words) that I would be able to do it without a problem. But as I found the due date approaching and my novel’s story being fed to my fingers while they typed, I found that I was typing 1000 words each time I sat down to write between doing household chores and holiday stuff. I also sat down to write more than two to three times a day, which made for FAR more than the planned 2500 words a day! It was a cinch!
This year’s award will be posted below and on the right, beside last year’s award, as soon as I receive it! YAY for ME!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for if we stop to think about it. That you are reading this is a reason to be thankful – you have eyes to see with!
One of my military boys (Air Force) is home from his air base in England to visit.  But he’ll be leaving on December 1st for a new base in Greenland. Greenland!! That’s like in another world!! But he’ll only be there for a year until he comes home to visit again and then he’ll be off to another new air base in Spain. Spain might not really be closer, but it certainly seems a lot closer than Greenland!
But I digress. I wish Everybody a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A New Library!

A new library is opening here where I live in Washington State! The library that was here when I first moved in was in a newer and more contemporary building, and was a pleasure to visit. I liked it so much that I arranged for the Tacoma, Washington chapter RWA to hold meetings there in one of the library’s nice clean new rooms.
Since then the city has chosen to tear it and the other buildings in the area down to make room for more civic and other city office buildings, and they have replaced the “old” library with a new library! It’s in a very large, very modern building now and has 15,000 square feet, which is 3,000 square feet larger than the original library.
Other than the 80,000 books our new library will have; it will have diverse areas with something for everybody! There is going to be a children’s area, a teen area, cyber bars, and other high tech offerings. Just think of all the research! The building’s Grand Opening will be in February 2011 and I can’t wait to check it out!!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I’ve almost gotten so involved with my nano novel this month that I very nearly neglected to get this written and posted for you!

As I mentioned before, I did BIAM last month with my Modoc story, and I’m cruising right alone on the nano with my magical medieval story this month!

Wish me luck on winning again this year and getting another award to post here!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010


My current work in progress is a work of historical fiction with a romantic element. Its paranormal aspect, which I love to write about, appears in the manuscript as time travel. It only needs to be critiqued, tweaked after that, and then it’s Out The Door looking for a home with some lucky agent and/or publisher! (It is with critiquers as I write this.)
I’m excited!! Finishing a work has got to be one of the most rewarding and thrilling moments of accomplishment in the whole world for Anyone, no matter what they do!
I’m going to be building a trailer for it soon after that. Trailers for each of my wips will follow in order. And of course, they will all be posted here for your enjoyment, to begin with.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Ghosts. . . On Halloween?!?!

I was told last night, by a friend, that a waiter at Manresa Castle told her that the stories about the castle being haunted were made up for marketing purposes. Hmm I guess that means that I’m going to have to go ghost hunting and FIND those ghosts! I mean, they were on TV on the MOST TERRIFYING PLACES IN AMERICA, so they gotta be there somewhere! Don’t they?! LOL!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tis the Season to VOTE!

HEY! I’ve added a new poll to my blog site! It’s a Bill to combat the Counterfeiting and Infringement of online materials! I hope to see some of my manuscripts there one day. VOTE!

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Scarier Than A Ghost!!

What’s scarier than ghosts?! Missing Data; that’s what! I am working on the final chapters of my work that I plan on submitting ASAP and I was just finishing the very end of one of those chapters and POOF! It was All Gone! That was very exciting in a very scary way if you ask me!

Now, I’m not a techno wizard, and I just received an HP Mini Notebook for my birthday from my bf and it’s always doing stuff that I’m not expecting! But wiping my monitor clean of a WHOLE Chapter is a first!

Luckily for me, my bf, who IS a techno wizard (at least a good deal more than me), was sitting by my side, so he reaped the benefit of my harried few moments of anxiety. LOL! (Now I can laugh about it, but at the time …) Of course, he found it and brought it all back up on screen for me and I was able to finish up and SAVE it! He also put an icon on my machine so I can fix it if that ever happens again!

How about you? Have you ever had anything techno or otherwise happen to you that you thought was scarier than a ghost?!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Doing the NaNo

Next month (November), I’m going to be doing the NaNo! (No, it’s not a dance.) LOL! Next month is National Novel Writing Month during which writers commit themselves to writing a fifty thousand word novel within the thirty days of the month.

I did it last year and I “won” by completing the first draft of my work in progress. Now I’m polishing it up and getting it ready for submission to an editor. That’s the way it works. You write like crazy for thirty days, giving no regard to the story’s grammatical cohesion, etc. You just write. (The rest can be fixed later.)

I’m working real hard on polishing last year’s novel, and now I’m excited about what next month’s novel will give me to work on! (Of course, I know I’ll win again.) My NaNo award is now posted in my email’s sig tag, but with the award I’ll receive next month, I’m going to start posting them here, in the AWARDS section of this page.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010


This is kinda COOL! Today is 10-10-10! (I wonder what is forecast for today?!)

But I digress . ..

This month (October) I’ve decided to do the BIAM challenge. I’ve never done this before but it sounds like an excellent way to get my work in progress finished! Wish me luck!
How about you? Do challenges inspire you to finish projects?

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Could Not Wait!

We were unable to get one of the haunted rooms at Manresa, but we got one right acrosss the HALL! (and there's still the little girl who wanders the hallway) FUN, FUN, FUN! My bf says we should get one of those ghost hunting things where we can trap one in a box. LOL!

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

This couldn't wait!

We were unable t get one of the

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

more on that Haunted Castle!

Remember that blog I posted last week about the Haunted Castle that my RWA chapter is going to have a Writer’s Retreat at?!

It’s Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Washington, and on the night of September 28, 2010, I watched an article about the Castle on the MOST TERRIFYING PLACES IN AMERICA TV show!!! It’s a most Terrifying Place in America!! There's a little girl, a grieving young woman, and a man there!! (all dead, of course) This is going to be an Exciting Retreat!!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Haunted Castle!

Sometime during the next few months my RWA chapter is going to have a Writer’s Retreat and it’s going to be in a Haunted Castle here in Washington!

I am so excited about that. It’s going to be so much fun! This especially has me so thrilled because since when the subject first came up and we began to discuss it on our email loop and at meetings, I believed that because of financial reasons, I would NOT BE ABLE TO GO. That was a real bummer.

BUT, (there’s always a “but,” right?) LOL! BUT, since some of the others had mentioned that they might bring a husband or significant other along for the weekend (provided they were not high-maintenance), I decided to mention it to my current boyfriend. He took one look at the castle information and said, “I’m in.”

YAY! He is going to help me with the costs for the weekend, and I CAN GO!!

He’s no stranger to ghosts and sightings. Once he saw one WHERE HE WORKS! His experience is this: He told me that he saw a man he had never seen before walk through a doorway, where there WAS NO DOOR! (Trust me; my boyfriend is the Straightest man alive!)

I figure that he can go Ghost Hunting while I’m doing writer things.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not Really A Ghost Story

Hey! This isn’t really a ghost story because I haven’t gotten to visit the Deason house yet, but I have visited an interesting graveyard!
I’ve been on a family genealogy trip with my sister for a while and we’ve been in the southern part of the United States. One of our goals at one time was to find one of our great-great grandfather’s gravesite. Since it’s a very old gravesite and has probably gone unmarked for many years now, the graveyard caretaker had no record of it and we were unable to find it. That’s just one of the many roadblocks we encountered during our search, but it did not deter us.
While we were there I got into an interesting conversation with said caretaker and I am waiting for a future story to insert some of the ideas I gained from it, into.
The most interesting story he gave me was about a large cement block that sat in the graveyard. It seems that sometime in the early part of the 20th century, a man who lived in those parts believed that he had invented an embalming fluid that would last forever and that people would be able to visit him as he was in life for all eternity.
His “resting” place was the aforementioned cement construction. It had a door that would open so his visitors could go in and see him sitting in a chair waiting to receive them. That being the case, not much time passed before the authorities found his body hanging from a tree. The caretaker told me that rumor has it that the deceased being a black man in the Deep South, that some white men took him from his place of death and hung him from the tree.
The authorities re-”buried” him in his cement enclosure, only this time they sealed the door. It has remained so ever since.
“Believe IT or Not”!

How would you feel if you found a dead man hanging from a tree? At first it would startle me, but then the blatant lack of respect would make me MAD!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Fixed It!!

I was right about the space I was using. One of my pictures was so large that it took the Whole Page too long to load up! All I had to do was delete said picture and voila! I Fixed It!! :))

And now back to our regular programming.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Broken Gadget

Investigation leads me to more of a definition of what my technical difficulties here are, for you. A gadget is broken on my page and until I find a solution for that, this page is giong to be slow to load. I appreciate your patience in waiting for the page to load because it has all sorts of cool stuff, links to other author pages, and links to my page designers' sites, too!!

I'm thinking that it is because I have so much Cool Stuff on my page that it takes so long to load. It seems to be taking anywhere from 1 minute, to about 5-6 minutes to load. But while you're waiting, you can read all my cool paranormal blogs!

Please Be Patient! :)) You won't be disappointed!!


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Techinical Difficulties

Do not adjust your screen. There is nothing wrong with your computer - ala Twilight Zone

My BlogSpot is experiencing technical difficulties at this time; most of my cool sidebar stuff is missing and I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to make regular posts until the difficulties are corrected. That is the reason a test blog came before this one. Rest Assured! Corrections are in progress!

I will continue with my weekly blogs as long as BlogSpot permits.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is only a test

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is it any wonder that I write ghost stories?

Is it any wonder that I write ghost stories, given the paranormal experiences and abilities experienced both personally and in my family that I’ve told you about? That must be the reason that every time I write a story something weird with a ghost or something else happens.
I didn’t say that something scary happens because I think ghosts are Fun! I have never had a scary experience with a ghost, but I have had fun experiences, which I have written here about. :)) Now, Demons are scary and I hope I never have a meeting with one of them!
I think this is so because I believe that ghosts are merely the spirits of deceased people who are trying to find their way to the next life. And some just like to hang around to have fun and play tricks on the living. Which I have definitely experienced! Now Demons, I believe, are evil and are sent here from Hell to cause us harm!
What do you think about Ghosts and Demons?

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Awful Excited About My Next Work!

I’m awful excited about my next work!
See, I recently graduated from the University of Washington and while there I could not focus on my writing. Too much homework! Of course, homework took all priority in my life during my years at university.
Okay, enough with that. A few days ago I happened to be perusing some old cyber files that were, like, written before I began school and I found a time travel that involves the twelfth century. It’s all plotted out and everything! All I need to do is write it. Forgive me for saying so myself, but it is a very interesting story where both the hero and the heroine have lived both now and then. Their parallel lives are so intermingled that they have no choice in the duty that fate delivers to them! Did I mention that I just can’t wait to work on this story?!

If you like time travels; you’ve just got to read this!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

psychic abilities in my family

There seems to be psychic abilities that run in my family. I know I have believed for a long time that I’m receptive to the other side because of my inexplicable adult experiences. I have a cousin other than the little one I spoke of in my last post, who has spoken of such things, and an aunt too. I digressed there for just a moment because there was another event during my childhood that both my sister and I experienced!
It happened in the house we lived in as children. We grew up in an older home in the country. Our bedroom doorway stood exactly opposite the bathroom doorway, and on separate nights, from our bedroom, we each saw a man standing in front of the bathroom’s mirror. We didn’t just see a man; we saw the same man! When we compared our encounters we agreed he looked exactly like Abraham Lincoln.

We still speak of that often when we are together.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ready for another ghost story?!

Today I’m going to tell you about something that happened when I was just a little girl of ten. It scared me so bad I could not even Breathe! But that was before I knew that ghosts aren’t scary. LOL! Now, Demons, that’s another story.
My family was on vacation visiting relatives In Louisiana and I was staying the night with my second cousin. I had over-heard talk about my cousin’s house being haunted, but I was too busy being ten years old to worry about that.
That night, in the middle of the night, I woke up because something had lain across my lower legs. My little cousin lay asleep beside me and I could not move for fear of what laid on top of me! I could not see a thing. It was dark. And quiet. I could not hear a thing. The only reason I knew my cousin lay beside me was because I felt her presence the same as when we’d gone to sleep.
It could have been a small pet, but, They Did Not Own any indoor pets! I did not know what the weight could be and I could not breathe because of that! I don’t know how I lived through the night because I KNOW that I was Not Breathing! I did not know what else I could do other than remain motionless.
When I woke the next morning there was nothing on my legs and everything and everyone was, like, normal!
I never went back there again!

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time Travel theories

The basic concept I begin with when I conjure up a time travel romance is that it is theoretically impossible to change the past. The common belief here is that if you changed the past, then you would also change the present, which you might no longer be a part of because of the change you made in your past.

Just by their traveling, that person has already changed the fabric of time. This means their present no longer exists for them. In effect; they have traveled into a parallel universe and the original past they went to change is no longer there, either. So how can they change what they went to change? This makes for an interesting dilemma for the protagonist who has traveled into the past to save, or to kill, someone in order to change their original present.

If their goal was to save that someone, in hopes by taking that past person back to their present with them before they died, how would they do that? I’ll delve into that in a bit. For now, let’s consider if the central character went into the past to kill someone. The answer to this brings back into play the idea of there being parallel and multi-universes that exist among us, which I mentioned in brief above, and what is known as the Grandfather Paradox. Theoretically, a person could not return to his past and kill his grandfather because she/he would be killing the grandfather in the parallel universe they have traveled to, not the grandfather in their original universe.

But I don’t want send someone back in order to kill someone else. I write romance; so of course, I want to unite two potential lovers born in separate universes, if you will. Which brings us back to my original question; how will they do that? Aside from the one in the past coming forward and all the theories involving that, which is not what this blog is about, our protagonist from the future needs to be creative about getting them both back to the original future. But then again, they could be saved by the “Observer Reality” But that’s another blog.

I’m going to stop there because a return to the present is what my current work-in-progress is all about. You will have to read the book to see what happens. 

Having only had a passing acquaintance with Physics during my university years, and by no means being an expert on the subject, I hope I’ve managed to relay everything I had to say here with coherence. 

I believe that the human ability to time travel will one day exist. Maybe we already do have visitors here from our future. (Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger.) LOL! What do you think? Will time travel into these parallel universes ever be possible?

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

Sunday, August 1, 2010

things that go bump in the night cont.

Ghosts and ghost hunting are not the only paranormal activities I write about, but I got Ghost on the Brain during last week’s blog and so I’m back not with another experience I’ve had, but with an experience I WANT TO HAVE!
I’ve already decided on the first place I would like to hunt for ghosts! I want to visit the Deason House in Mississippi.
The Deason house was the scene of a horrible event on a rainy September afternoon during the 1860’s Civil War between the United States. It was the home of Amos Deason, and it was where the Confederacy sent Major Amos McLemore, a native of Jones County, to headquarter and capture a poor farmer named Newton Knight, one of my ancestors.
Knight dissented with the war and refused to fight in a war he did not believe in. He was drafted anyway and served, I’m assuming grudgingly, as a hospital orderly. The proverbial “last straw” finally appeared when it came to his attention that if a confederate had possession of at least 20 slaves, that he could be exempted from serving in the war. To Newton, this knowledge meant that the battle between the south and the north was a "rich man's war and a poor man's fight." (Hasn’t that same theory applied in wars since then?) At that time, Knight deserted and went home.
He and other renegades from the battle eventually grouped together and formed their rebel army base in the Green River Swamp at a place known as The Devil’s Den. (There were about 100 of them in all.) From their base they conducted raids on trains heading in and out of Mobile. I’m thinking that most probably they were confederate supply trains.
The Confederacy, meanwhile, conducted their own raids in and through the swamps in search of the deserters. Eventually the southern government sent in one of their best in knowledge of the swamps, Major Amos McLemore, who was a native of Jones County. He would be their best hope to capture the deserter band and its leader, Newton Knight. McLemore was determined to drive the deserters out of the swamp.
Most of the people in that area of the south were loyal to her and saw the deserters as criminals to whom they refused aid. The renegade’s lives were made miserable by McLemore, and Knight realized that one way or another, something had to give. He decided that McLemore had to be killed.
When Knight learned of his pursuer, the hunter became the hunted. newton knew that the major headquartered in the home of loyal Confederates, the Amos Deason home, and so decided to confront him there. On said September afternoon, after McLemore had returned from his rounds, Knight threw open the front door and shot the Confederate official where he stood in front of the fireplace. The Major died in a pool of blood.
Knight escaped into the swamp, chased by McLemore’s men. Since that day; no matter how much scrubbing was done by the house’s occupants, the stains have not been removed. After years of seeing the stains, Deason’s descendants finally covered them with new flooring. That may have solved the blood stain dilemma, but not the fact that every year on the murder’s anniversary the front door bursts open, to reveal a porch that no one stands on.
The Deason house is now an historic building that has been prepared for public viewing by the Daughters of the American Revolution and where DAR members have confessed to an uncomfortable feeling when they are there alone.

I don’t exactly enjoy saying that I am descended from a murderer, but I guess those were times when killings were a bit more common. Now, I’m not excusing his actions here, I guess he did kill someone. But me and him are from different centuries, and on the other side of the coin, you’ve heard the saying about how you can’t choose your parents? Well, you can’t exactly choose your ancestor’s, either.
My information for this blog was obtained from my sister, a talented novice genealogist, and based on a Haunted Mississippi page located at:

Copyright 1998 by Troy Taylor

Okay, I promise not to blog about ghosts again, for awhile. Next week I think I’ll talk to you about Time Travel theories. Another of my favorite paranormal subjects to write about!

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

Sunday, July 25, 2010

things that go bump in the night

Today’s blog is going more along the paranormal stream that I write. I think ghosts are Cool! How about you? One day I'd like to go to Ghost Hunters Academy and be a Real Live Ghost Hunter! I've had a few ghosts who tried to haunt me but they left because I'm no fun for them. I think they're funny! I like to write about them too. Romantically, of course. ;)

The funniest experience I have so far is the ghost who hid my house slipper! I always wear slippers around my home. (Shoes are left at the front door by all who enter) But enough with my digressing. Each night before I go to bed I take off my slippers and place them beside the bed for the next morning. Well, one morning when I got up one of my slippers was missing. I looked and looked, but I could not find it anywhere. I looked for a couple of days, then one day I found it in one of my chest drawers wrapped up in a “Devil’s Cave” t-shirt which I had bought while visiting my son in Germany! I could not figure out how it had gotten in there, and although I laughed and told others that maybe a ghost had hidden my slipper from me (after all, it was wrapped in a Devil’s Cave t-shirt when I found it), I did not think about it much again until one night, one or two nights later, I was watching a ghost hunter show on the TV and one of the ghost hunters’ shoes was hidden from him!

That’s when I figured it out. The ghost got tired of me because instead of being scared, I kept laughing about how maybe a funny ghost had hidden my slipper. So then he went back to the TV show he had come from!!

Another experience I have is the ghost who liked to smoke cigarettes in my bedroom. I could smell cigarette smoke in my bedroom when I went to bed at night, but could not figure out where it came from. I do not smoke, and my whole home had just been completely remodeled so I knew it could not have come from a past resident. It did not scare me, either, so he eventually stopped smoking in my bedroom and went away!

See, ghosts get their energy from people who are scared of them. He got no energy from me, so he left.

I’ve got a million of ‘em, Folks! LOL! But that’s enough for this Sunday’s blog.

How about you?! Wanna go Ghost Hunting sometime?!

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Writing Through It

Writing Through It
Distractions and Depression is what I told you I would write about this week, and so I shall. Distraction & Depression could also be known as a big part of the suffering that comes from writer’s block. But there are many other things that can cause Writer’s Block (we’ve all been through it so I’m sure you know), so I’ll devote another blog to them later. (Look at that, two “writer’s Block”s that close together, not good for a writer. I HATE it when that happens!!)
My distractions are what I call the dreaded “but first” syndrome. You know, even though you know there’s writing to be done, “But First” you need to do something else. I suffer very badly from the “But First” syndrome. And there seems to be no cure! (That’s why I call it “dreaded.”)
Even though the “But First” syndrome is a distraction in itself, more distractions inevitably follow that thing I MUST get done first and so my writing time suffers! (You know how one thing leads to another?) The one and only way I am able to get past the “But First” syndrome is to make my writing the thing I must get done first! But you see, here I am today writing this blog before I get any writing done because “But First” I needed to get this done for Sunday’s publication. Never let it be said that I don’t make my deadlines. (Well, first blog excepted because the page had only just been deemed “Constructed.”) I just need a deadline on my current Work In Progress! That’s my Achilles Heel. I know I could have a self-imposed deadline, but those are so much easier to neglect than ones that are Imposed on me! I always meet those deadlines.
That said, distractions are much easier to deal with than Depression. Though many (who do not understand the illness, yes, it is a Real illness, though not the same as a Mental Illness) will tell a sufferer to “Just Get over It;” it’s not that easy. True depression is something that needs medical attention and is NOT something the sufferer can “just get over.”
I know because I have suffered from chemical depression since an injury I once received in an auto accident. With counseling and the prayer-felt desire to overcome, I found my way out of the darkness of depression in writing. After my prayers for happiness, I one day started writing “out of the blue” and discovered that when I am creating stories I am Happy! I had never read Romance and had Never had an interest in writing before that, but now I am a Romance author with a bright future in published novels!
I know the ways I battle Distraction and Depression won’t work for all of you, I’m sure. But the advice I’m offering here is that for distraction, to make writing the “But First” thing in your life that must be done daily, and if you have been diagnosed as a sufferer of Depression, to seek counseling and to sincerely ask for release of it from your higher being.
I know that I am not a medical professional, but these things are what have worked for me.
What about you? Do any of you suffer from the dreaded “But First” syndrome or Depression? What works for you?
That’s All She Wrote!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Glad to See You!

Welcome to my new Site!! This is my first blog ever, and I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to write about. So bear with me. It was suggested to me, and I agreed, that I should post a weekly blog every Sunday. Well, okay, so today is Monday, but I figure that since my blog hasn’t really been launched, yet, that this can still count as my first Sunday entry, right?! Huh? Huh?
I am eternally grateful to my dear friend, Hawk; the young woman who built this blog for me out of the kindness of her gracious heart, and to my friend through her, Cecile, who designed my awesome header for me, also out of her kind and gracious heart.
My invaluable friendship with these two women is beyond coincidence. (Besides, I don’t believe coincidences happen, anyway. Everything that happens is meant to be.) I met Hawk in passing on the RWA PRO loop, we struck up a conversation, friendship including the discovery of numerous similarities between us two strangers followed (I live in Washington and she in Florida, and so we never would have met if not for the web), and now I have the most AWESOME website in the World! (IMHO) I could never have done this without Hawk! I never told her, but I could not have afforded to pay someone to do this for me at this time, and I am so easily distracted that I would not have found the time to teach myself how to do it for a very long time. In what little time is left after my writing I have a life that waits to be lived. (You know, the everyday chores and stuff like that. Real exciting.)
I hope I haven’t bored you too much with all my first timer rambling here. Next week I think I’ll talk about getting it done. i.e.: writing through distractions and depression, both of which I know about quite well.
Thanks for visiting! Look around through my site (though there’s not a lot here yet.) And send all your friends to visit me too!
Oh! And please check out Hawk and Cecilia’s sites too! You can click to visit them from my site!
See you!

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

Thursday, July 1, 2010

construction confusion

This site might be under construction for a while because I'm still stumbling around it trying to figue out how to design it. (And I'm slow about these things!) LOL!

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality