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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Fear of Witchcraft!

The fear of witchcraft is delicately perched on the thin edge of superstition here in my new world hometown. But she persevered in spite of what people thought, knowing the children who lived here needed her special abilities within their thoughts in order to thrive in this new world.
Her innate sensitivities told her that the bored children who lived here needed her calming skills for their sanity. The people who lived here knew she loved their children and that she worked well with them.
With that in mind, they entrusted their troubled young ones to her care. Surely none of them would falsely accuse her of being a witch for her loving tendencies. But they have begun to visit and bring their children to see me, less often.

Will they soon be coming for her? Will they accuse her of witchcraft? Her suspense is palpable! Is yours? heh,heh,heh . . . Stay tuned!

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