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Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday!

today's seven sentences are from a paranormal I am working on. This Vampire story is different from the rest in a variety of undead ways.

The persuasion that flowed from his eyes into hers held Sasha spellbound. Sasha heard and responded to Viktor's voice, but she soon found her willpower slipped away from her. Much against her better judgment, she experienced an uncanny desire to submit to his every wish. The strength in her natural intuition fought against it, but her muscles thawed. She felt as if her vital force became his fluid for the taking.
The warmth of her blood flowed near the surface, her cheeks flushed, and an instant heated rush provoked her collapse onto the floor in a dead faint. Viktor found himself forced to participate as a grim grin curled His lips back.

Wheat's going to happen?! Is he going to bite her? What do you think?

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