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Monday, November 11, 2013

Spotlight on Angel's Code by H.A. Somerled!

Tawny adjusted her breasts in the lacy black bra she wore under the scoop neck red blouse to create maximum cleavage, then puckered her lips to her reflection in the mirror. She’d grown tired of the crowd at Yorkshire Grey pub, and decided, in her drunken haze to go find the classmate from her web design class. Her crush, she found out, lived in the flat directly above the bar. She took one last glance at herself in the restroom mirror and fluffed up her auburn hair. She looked like sex personified.
“Danny Murray,” she said to her reflection, “tonight is your lucky night.”

-Excerpt from Angel's Code

Angel’s Code is an exciting romp through the seedy world of cyber crime. Based in London, the story revolves around Danny Murray and his introduction into the hacker lifestyle.
Danny is a young, bored web design student at Birkbeck College, who dreams of becoming more than just an IT guy. He wants to make a mark on the world, and releases a prank virus, attracting the attention of internationally renown hacker, “The Fallen Angel.”
Angel agrees to teach the young Danny the ways of the hacker, but his online skills are not the ones in need of refining.
The only setback Danny has is his older brother, Oliver Murray, who has just been promoted head inspector of the cyber crime division for London’s Metropolitan Police. Oliver feels it is his main duty to keep Danny away from the mysterious, and dangerous Angel.
However, when the tables are turned and Oliver is the one in need of rescuing, will the skills Danny learned from Angel be enough to save his brother from Cyber Terrorist Ahmed Eid?

I'd like to introduce you to Danny.

Danny Murray
Danny has had a hard life. Well at least in his eyes. He watched his mother die from cancer. At a time where he should have been coming into his own, he watched his mother waste away from disease, and his father pull away from reality, consumed by his own grief. His older brother, Oliver, was stationed in Afghanistan - a hot shot terrorist interrogator, couldn’t come home to be with the family during this heartbreaking crisis, or wouldn’t come home. It was a betrayal Danny vowed he would never forgive Oliver for.
Danny began to act out. Drinking, partying, and petty crime. After his mother succumbed to the disease, and Oliver returned from war, Danny was enrolled into Birkbeck College’s technology program, the only course that Oliver could talk him into. Danny enjoyed computers, but not the thought of being an IT guy, nor the idea of working a boring 9-5 job.
What he really wants to do is cyber hacking. On his own he works on a virus, which he releases, attracting Angel’s attention.
Danny is a regular mid twenties guy, looking for the next adventure, party or hook-up. He is a brilliant code writer, with a penchant for mischief. His humor is bawdy and crass. Despite his resentment towards his brother, Danny has a strong sense of loyalty to his family.
The inspiration for Danny was the young actor from The Adventures of Merlin, Colin Morgan. Colin brought a good humor to a young Merlin, a boy with the fate of a king rested on his shoulders. A young man who was blessed by the gift of magic in a world where it has been outlawed. Colin played the character well, showing range of emotions, but always ending with an impish smile and a smart-ass remark.
I like Danny. He always brings the humor into the story. When writing dialog for Danny, I am usually laughing my ass off. It is with Danny that I use my experience working with sorority girls. Things they say that make me laugh, they way they talk, the slang they use, they inspire the humor found in the story.
I’ve also enjoyed watching Danny grow up through the story, letting go of his childish resentments, but taking his talents and translating them into something great.

If you would like to know more about the Characters, I will introduce you to Oliver Murray, November 18th on Amber Dalton's blog. http://www.amberdaultonauthor.blogspot.com or if you would like to know more about my inspiration, please go to my blog.
Thank you Janette for hosting!

Author Bio
H. A. Somerled lives in the Missoula, Montana area. After an uneventful tour in the U.S. Navy, she followed her passions and enrolled in Culinary School. She graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art and has also completed a writing course from the Long Ridge Writer's Group. This is her first published work.
She has two dogs, a puggle named Fritter and a pug named Flapjack. She considers herself lucky to be single and claims she's half the age she really is.


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Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

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