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Sunday, June 29, 2014


     Rejoice those of you who have waited for my COMPLETE romantic fantasy trilogy to be live, and those who have yet to learn about it!  I have found a wonderful cover artist I am in negotiations with and, CONNECTIONS, my complete romantic fantasy trilogy, will be Indie published very soon!  

If you like romance with a splash of wizards, historical events, supernatural events, time travel, reincarnation, spirituality, contemporary events, and evil incarnations you will be sure to enjoy this 3 part story.

The boxed set will make a wonderful gift for any occasion!

Review quotes for the first two in the trilogy –


The supernatural, battles of good vs. evil, putting aside differences; this story hits on all of these. A great, gripping story from beginning to end! – AJ, Amazon Reviewer

Janette Harjo, herself a master illusionist, conjures behind the scenes and develops a solid romance novel that will keep you at the edge of your own imagination.  I think Janette will have a long and successful career as a writer - Jean Kilczer, author


So an unusual setting for a romance and a good fun read all around. Highly recommend this one 0 Petal, Amazon Reviewer


I would recommend it to anyone. – Tari, Amazon Reviewer


Strong characters and a fast pace kept me involved in this story 'till the end –Giulietta, Amazon Reviewer


This isn't what I normally read. I do love supernatural stuff which is what got me started on it. After I read, Fated, I had to get Conned - book two of the series. If you like evil wizards and curses then you will like this story! – Alex “Blue Eyes,” Amazon Reviewer


The reading is easy, keeps you wanting to know what happens next – Carol D. Tamparo, Amazon Reviewer

If you love historical books with playing-hard-to-get romance and a smudge of fantasy then you'll be glad you read this book!  It's a story that makes you react, punch your pillow, smile and sometimes I felt like shouting at the main character so she wouldn't mess things up. - Douglas R, GoodReads Reviewer

And a pre-release review of the final installment in the trilogy

The players are all in place, destined to be united, for the final story of Janette Harjo’s Connections trilogy.  It's well written and I enjoyed it. - Jean Kilczer, Author



Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality


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I had really no idea that you were an illusionist! I have a story I started to write about an illusionist; I will really have to finish it now.

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Great to hear your good news, Janette! My mom used to tell me to behave myself too. As an adult it was code for don't get caught!