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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Doing the NaNo

Next month (November), I’m going to be doing the NaNo! (No, it’s not a dance.) LOL! Next month is National Novel Writing Month during which writers commit themselves to writing a fifty thousand word novel within the thirty days of the month.

I did it last year and I “won” by completing the first draft of my work in progress. Now I’m polishing it up and getting it ready for submission to an editor. That’s the way it works. You write like crazy for thirty days, giving no regard to the story’s grammatical cohesion, etc. You just write. (The rest can be fixed later.)

I’m working real hard on polishing last year’s novel, and now I’m excited about what next month’s novel will give me to work on! (Of course, I know I’ll win again.) My NaNo award is now posted in my email’s sig tag, but with the award I’ll receive next month, I’m going to start posting them here, in the AWARDS section of this page.

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