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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Going Underground!

While neglecting my writing during this holiday season, I went on an adventure in Seattle this past week, along with my visiting niece and her boyfriend. Of course, being the paranormal writer that I am, Seattle’s haunted underground sucked us under the city’s streets.

It was all very interesting, but we saw no ghosts, and that was very disappointing. I took lots of digital pictures, which are supposed to be able to pick up spiritual essences, but none showed their presences to me. One showed its smiling face to me, but it was actually my niece behind an old window!

But the ghosts have not lost a believer! They were all probably too shy to make an appearance because it was in the middle of the day and there was a whole tour group there at the same time as I was; too much disbelief energy going on. But Hey! All was not lost! I got a shot of a beautiful Christmas star that is posted here on my site!

I’m always on the hunt! Those from other dimensions continue to populate my stories! And my visit to the Haunted Castle is coming up next month!

And speaking of Manresa Castle, my company visited there on a little self-guided tour of the state and got a picture of one! They got the picture of it in the doorway to a room and it followed them outside where they snapped another picture of it! (Personally, I believe the “ghost” they got a picture of was her boyfriend.) LOL!

You can Believe It, Or Not!! And that is your question of the day! Are you a believer of ghostly phenomena like I am?!

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Anonymous said...

'Are you a believer of ghostly phenomena like I am?!'


Morag McKendrick Pippin said...

Yes! Too much has happened to me not to believe. Always feel like I'm being watched in underground Seattle. I make sure I'm not the last in the tour!

Janette_Harjo@Hotmail.com said...

I try to make sure I'm FIRST in the tour, Morag!!

And as for you, Valance, you don't know the excitement you're missing!! LOL!

Janette Harjo said...

re: Going Underground

For you believers (Morag) and non-believers (Valance), I'll be at the "haunted" castle all next weekend!!