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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Awful Excited About My Next Work!

I’m awful excited about my next work!
See, I recently graduated from the University of Washington and while there I could not focus on my writing. Too much homework! Of course, homework took all priority in my life during my years at university.
Okay, enough with that. A few days ago I happened to be perusing some old cyber files that were, like, written before I began school and I found a time travel that involves the twelfth century. It’s all plotted out and everything! All I need to do is write it. Forgive me for saying so myself, but it is a very interesting story where both the hero and the heroine have lived both now and then. Their parallel lives are so intermingled that they have no choice in the duty that fate delivers to them! Did I mention that I just can’t wait to work on this story?!

If you like time travels; you’ve just got to read this!

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

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Houston A.W. Knight said...

This sounds interesting...sounds like you'll enjoy writing it too!

Good Luck!