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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is it any wonder that I write ghost stories?

Is it any wonder that I write ghost stories, given the paranormal experiences and abilities experienced both personally and in my family that I’ve told you about? That must be the reason that every time I write a story something weird with a ghost or something else happens.
I didn’t say that something scary happens because I think ghosts are Fun! I have never had a scary experience with a ghost, but I have had fun experiences, which I have written here about. :)) Now, Demons are scary and I hope I never have a meeting with one of them!
I think this is so because I believe that ghosts are merely the spirits of deceased people who are trying to find their way to the next life. And some just like to hang around to have fun and play tricks on the living. Which I have definitely experienced! Now Demons, I believe, are evil and are sent here from Hell to cause us harm!
What do you think about Ghosts and Demons?

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