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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not Really A Ghost Story

Hey! This isn’t really a ghost story because I haven’t gotten to visit the Deason house yet, but I have visited an interesting graveyard!
I’ve been on a family genealogy trip with my sister for a while and we’ve been in the southern part of the United States. One of our goals at one time was to find one of our great-great grandfather’s gravesite. Since it’s a very old gravesite and has probably gone unmarked for many years now, the graveyard caretaker had no record of it and we were unable to find it. That’s just one of the many roadblocks we encountered during our search, but it did not deter us.
While we were there I got into an interesting conversation with said caretaker and I am waiting for a future story to insert some of the ideas I gained from it, into.
The most interesting story he gave me was about a large cement block that sat in the graveyard. It seems that sometime in the early part of the 20th century, a man who lived in those parts believed that he had invented an embalming fluid that would last forever and that people would be able to visit him as he was in life for all eternity.
His “resting” place was the aforementioned cement construction. It had a door that would open so his visitors could go in and see him sitting in a chair waiting to receive them. That being the case, not much time passed before the authorities found his body hanging from a tree. The caretaker told me that rumor has it that the deceased being a black man in the Deep South, that some white men took him from his place of death and hung him from the tree.
The authorities re-”buried” him in his cement enclosure, only this time they sealed the door. It has remained so ever since.
“Believe IT or Not”!

How would you feel if you found a dead man hanging from a tree? At first it would startle me, but then the blatant lack of respect would make me MAD!

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