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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It was CLAY!!

My bf and I attended a Wine Pairing Dinner last night. All went well until I asked said bf to check, with his cell that has all kinds of fun attachments on it, and see if any ghosts were present. It did detect one ghost who told us, via said cell, that his name was “Clay.” Needless to say, Clay decided that he would choose me to pick on all night.

At the beginning of the evening, while we enjoyed our scrumptious meal and the tasty wines delivered with each portion of it, Clay was well mannered and did not bother me. With three small glasses in front of me, I decided which wine was my favorite and set it aside to enjoy last. I sipped down the other two glasses and reached for the third, and that’s when Clay decided to step into my evening.

The glass I looked for, which had been sitting directly in front of me, was gone! (Not to say that I had already drank it and had forgotten, because everyone else at the table noticed too.) It was the neighbor sitting beside me who first noted that it had been Clay who had taken it. I promptly agreed that she was probably right and went back to my meal.

It was when I had finished my dinner that I noticed the empty glass that had been missing had returned to its place on the table and was empty! I pointed it out to everyone else, who enjoyed Clay’s prank.

I hope Clay enjoyed his glass of Sherry.

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Anne Gallagher said...

Our family ghost, Mr. Morgan does that to us all the time. Something that was right there 2 seconds ago, disappears. Searching high and low for it only makes him giddy. It's when we stop looking, he returns it. Bad Mr. Morgan.

Believe it or not, my word verification is gothicr.

Janette Harjo said...

EXACTLY! My glass only returned after I had forogtten about it!! Ilove fun ghosts. :)) I've had fun before with a ghost who took one of my slippsers (earlier post). How did you learn Mr. Margan's name? Did he tell you like Clay did for us?!

Anonymous said...

'I hope Clay enjoyed his glass of Sherry.'

He'd be sure to, if it were a medium.

Janette Harjo said...

It was a Cream Sherry, me thinks. :)) Is that a "medium"?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know. I'm a spirits man myself.

Janette Harjo said...

You're a "spirits" man? I thought you said you didn't beleve in ghosts?!?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Strictly whiskey. *winks*

Janette Harjo said...

"strictly whiskey" is NOT the kind of spirits I do. (wink back at'cha!)