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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it Could Be User Error . . .

Lately, my posts have not been published when I scheduled them for! Today's post was supposed to show up last Sunday, narch 27, but it didn't. hmmm So I've scheduled it for today. I hope it shows!

Today's Suspenseful 7 comes to you Hot Off the Keyboard!

He knew, the minute he had entered, that this was not a tent that belonged to his friend. A certain strangeness enveloped him as the tent flapped closed behind him.
Adrenalin rushed up through his chest in much the same way as it had when he’d seen the monster in last year’s haunted house. But he had slipped into a trancelike state of consciousness before he could leave the mysterious place he had entered into.

“Scotty?” Val called into the distance. The last she had seen her little charge he had been skipping away from the school house in what struck her as a most adventurous way.

Where had he been going?

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Anne K. Albert said...

Hey, it's fixed! SOOOOO glad to see you're back. :)