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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Another Suspenseful 7 Sentence Sunday!

I do NOT know what happened here! This was scheduled to post at 12:00 AM! But here it is, after 2:30 PM, and I'm posting it again!

For today's offering I have another 7 suspenseful sentences from my Work in progress!

The king’s reaction came as predicted. “You shall not be punished, you are too important for the health of the Prince. But Alesander, he is expendable. There is another wizard who will be happy to resume his position in the castle court."
“But that other wizard is the one who I ‘saw’ during my connection with the Prince!”
“That can be remedied.”
“But that ‘other wizard’ cannot be allowed free access to Scotty! You can not send Alesander to his death!” she screamed.

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