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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Would she be falsely accused?!

Surely none of the folk of Smithton would falsely accuse her of being a witch. Her ability to share and recognize their feelings had earned her a place of high recognition within their healing community. The lone doctor there did not have the knowledge to work with those afflicted with mental or emotional problems. Up to the time she had arrived, such patients had simply been deemed as crazy and locked away with only menial care.
She loved the children she helped, but she was lonely. People tended to stay away from her because of her abnormal gift, and so she lived alone until her services were called upon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Alexander, the well known witch-hunter, looked down on the small township of Smithton, Massachusetts from upon a rugged high slope adjacent to the village.

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Laurie Ryan said...

Nicely done. I like where this story is going. :)

Janette Harjo said...

Thank you much, Laurie! Thanks for stopping by!