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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I’ve Entered TWO Contests!

Not so exciting to have entered two separate contests, except for the fact that I have not entered any in TOO LONG! And I will be notified of the results for both by the end of THIS MONTH!!

The first contest I entered was the 2011 Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest sponsored by the Northeast Ohio Romance Writers of America chapter. Their contest deadline has passed, but you can access their home page here:


or by clicking the link I have provided in the side bar.

Being on a contest roll, the second contest I entered was the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales first annual contest, the Recipe for Success Write Off Contest! Their site is also accessible here:


or at the side bar link I have provided.

Wish me Good Fortune!


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Mallory Snow said...

Lots of luck!!

Janette Harjo said...

Thanks, Mallory!!

Janette Harjo said...

Hey Mallory! I checked out your blog about TV as a writer's teaching tool. It was an interesting blog, but I don't have time for too much TV. :(


Anne K. Albert said...

Fantastic! Crossing every digit, limb and body part for you!

Janette Harjo said...

Thanks for the Good Wishes, Anne! My inner editor's been having a blast by telling me I won't make it to finalist!