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Sunday, March 6, 2011

7 Suspenseful Sentences!

After having missed last Sunday due to its slippage from my mind, I'm delivering seven sentences for you from my paranormal suspense work in progress.

"The feat The Master Magician is going to attempt tonight has never been tried, successfully, before. The loudspeaker voice paused for a chilling effect. The crowd hushed and the voice continued into their dreadful silence, “The torture box on the stage, which he will enter, is laced on its inside with steel spikes.”
Two well-poised young women dressed in golden flowing floor-length gowns, which glittered like the mineral itself, gracefully opened the body box and pointed out the piercing pins of silver spikes as the announcer spoke. The ominous spears appeared as numerous needles awaiting a pin cushion. The seemingly braver of the ladies touched the tip on one of the pins, jerked her blood-red fingertip back and gingerly placed it between her pouty lips. Her partner in the show stepped back and stared at the first in shock that she would do such a thing.

Be sure to click here http://www.suspenseful7ss.blogspot.com/ or on the link above to visit the S7SS website and read more suspenseful sentences!


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Anne K. Albert said...

Super excerpt, Janette. Can't wait to read what happens next.

Janette Harjo said...

Does he escape?! LOL!

Thanks for the read, Anne!