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Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's 7 Sentence Sunday!

Hi There!

My 7 Suspenseful Sentences for today come from a work in progress. ENJOY!

She pounded her fists onto his chest. “But that is not fair and the king should know of it!”
“No! The king should not be corrected in his way of reasoning. He will think it is treason, and you know the punishment for that.”
Yes. Valory did indeed know the punishment for treason. It would be death in the highest degree.

Romance through the mists of time and Love through the dimensions of reality

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Anne K. Albert said...

No fair! I want to keep reading!

The Sweater Curse said...

A fairy tale influence--delightful.

Janette Harjo said...

LOL, Anne! That's the whole concept behind posting just seven snetences, isn't it?

And thanks to your delighted response, too, TSC!


Dawn said...

Love these little sippets. Makes you wonder what happened before, and what will happen next.

Janette Harjo said...

You got it Dawn! My hat's off to the lady/ies who began S7SS! And I am so happy to have been invited to join!