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Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 more suspenseful Sentences!

This week's Suspenceful 7 Sentences come to you from my wip during a part in which good and evil wage war! Be sure to visit the Suspenseful 7 Sentence website by clicking on the above link or by visiting http://www.suspenseful7ss.blogspot.com to be kept in suspense by the rest of us there!

Without further ado:

He knew, the minute he had entered, that this was not a tent that belonged to his friend. A certain strangeness enveloped him as the tent opening flapped closed behind him. Adrenalin rushed up through his chest. It urged him to take flight. The hair on the top of his head tingled, in much the same way as it had when he’d awakened from his latest bad dream and seen the white cloth over his bedroom window weaving in a night breeze like a ghost.

But instead of running out and away from the erected covering of canvas, his movements slowed. His thinking dulled and he slipped into a trancelike state of consciousness before he could listen to his instinct for self-preservation and leave the mysterious place he had entered into.

Stay tuned for more on this episode in next week's issue!!


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