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Friday, August 16, 2013

I Lost My Keys!

I went out for a jog around a local track. Did 2 laps and came back home, to find my keys were gone! I had no idea where I could have lost them and I began to pray REAL HARD that I would find them. Tired as I was I knew I had to turn around (I couldn’t get back into my apt!) and retrace my steps back to and from the track. Retracing every step, I got to the track, and asked a guy who was there while I was if he saw them, and he said no but he would look. He obviously did not find them bc he left w/o saying any more to me. :( I did 2 more laps looking for them before I began to retrace my steps back home. My praying continued, having never stopped. At about that time, I began to think that when I found them, they would probably be close to home.

I was right.

They were on the ground between two shopping centers near where I live. I immediately sent thanks for my answered prayer! I had gone that way when I started retracing my steps, but I missed them. It was hot and I was tired, but I got a lot of good exercise while looking for them!


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