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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The purpose of this blog is to tell you all about my new release and the story it tells. It is a Romantic Paranormal Fantasy where other worlds exist along with the first. CONNECTIONS, the Trilogy, has been contracted by Books To Go Now. FATED, the first in my trilogy, is expected to be available the next week after its cover comes out on Tuesday, the 27th of August, 2013! CONNECTIONS is the story of three spirits who are cursed to travel throughout time in search of each other—their connection.

Alecksander Stone, the hero in CONNECTIONS, is an age-old supernatural magician. He is the Master of his domain, where there is only one, Mordrid the villain, who is more powerful than he.

Valerie Baldwin, the heroine, is endowed with strong powers of empathy. She uses her natural gift for the care of children, who she loves but is unable to bear.

A little boy, Scotty, is also in the mix of my main characters. He is an innocent who is the third spirit in the trilogy of intended souls who seek connection.

None know for whom it is they look. Valerie and Scotty challenge Alecksander at every turn. Alecksander is happy to be his own man, but is drawn to the other two.

Mordrid would rather see them all in Hell than allow the happily-ever-after of their connection.

The three protagonists are eventually forced to face the powerful evil wizard down, but who will win? Will they all survive?

The cover will be here on my blog, when it becomes available to me. You will also be able to learn more here about my business, and my future releases as they become available. I look forward to your visits!

Janette Harjo

Romance through the mists of time
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