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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In order that we can to get to know you, as a person, a little better, why don’t you tell me about who you are? Do you like to travel? Do you like to try new things? How about exotic foods?
Kara: Honestly, I'm a very boring person. Lol. I'm a stay-at-home mom to five children, a husband, three cats, and two dogs. I spend my days reading, writing, and editing. When I'm not doing that, I'm spending time with my family and friends. I would love to travel, but childcare and finances limit my ability to do so. I'm always willing to try new things depending on what they are. I am so NOT an adrenaline junkie and I'm terrified of heights, so I will never try anything that involves bungee jumping or sky diving. As for exotic foods, I've very picky about what I eat, so, no.
Sharon: Janette, you picked two authors that aren't very adventuresome. Besides writing I love to cook and bake bread. I spend my spare time in the kitchen. I love flavorful foods but not what you'd call exotic, no snake or alligator for this girl. Both my husband and I traveled early on in our lives, for now we like to spend our time on the ground, not in a plane.
What aspect of who you are drew you into writing romance? How many novels have you written, and of those, how many have you sold?
Kara: I've always been fascinated by psychology, sociology, FBI profiling, and how men and women operate. I'm sure all of that played a large part in why I chose to write romance.
I've written and sold five erotic novellas; two full-length novels; and then Jilted, which isn't quite a novella and not quite a full-length novel. I do have several other novels in the works, but haven't attempted to sell any of them yet.
Sharon: I'm sappy, I love a happy-ever-after, so I write sweet romance. People get bruised but not dead in my books. Woops, that's a fib. In Halo's Wish her evil, temporary boss gets smashed by a John Deer tractor, but he deserved it.
I've written six short stories and one novella. My books are in three anthologies and I have two paperbacks. (Love Crazed and The Corny Myers Series)
As a full-time writer, how hard was it for you to get where you are today? Did it take long to reach that status? Were there a lot of rejections? Did they dishearten you? How long before that glorious call, or email (as it would be)? What would be your advice to new writers?
Kara: I'm probably going to get crucified for admitting this, but it didn't take me long to get where I am today. I started seriously writing in late 2011 and got my first contract in 2012. There are so many writers who struggle for years, so I know how lucky I was. Selling my novellas, which were my first things ever published, were easy to sell. It wasn't until I started shopping around my two full-length novels that I was hit hard with a lot of rejections. After having so much success early on, it was hard to face so many "no's."
My advice to new writers: keep writing no matter what and don't ever give up.
Sharon: In life, I believe timing is everything. At my first Romance Writers of America local chapter meeting I met my publisher. Jennifer Conner gave me my first contract and I've been with Books To Go Now ever since.
Is there a story or character you’ve written that is closer to your heart than the others? Why is it? Who is your favorite character or story someone else has created/written about? Do you have any real-life heroes?
Kara: Hmm, picking a favorite story and character is like picking a favorite child. lol. No, seriously, the book that is closest to my heart is Death of a Waterfall. It was the very first book I'd ever written and my heart breaks for the heroine, Teghan Jacobs. I was so mean to her, but I'm well on my way to making it up to her.
There are so many books I've read and loved. I don't think I can choose just one, but if I was forced to, it would have to be Aubrey from Ryan Winfield's The Park Service. He's a young boy that has been through so much yet he keeps persisting.
Sharon: Definitely Pete is close to my heart, Corny's ferret from The Corny Myers Series. He's a kook.
My real-life hero? My husband. I love him dearly.
There are those of us writers who are known as “Pansters, Puzzlers, Plotters, and Patch-workers. (And there could be others out there, too.) LOL! What type of writer would you say you are? Does your writing life allow you much time for a personal life?
Kara: I am a panster to a fault. I enjoy the freedom it allows. The thrill of experiencing the story with my characters is amazing. I've tried to plot a novel from beginning to end and once I did, I felt like I'd already told the story so there was no reason to actually write it. That particular novel still remains unfinished to this day.
As with everything, moderation is key, so yes, I allow time for a personal life. I have to or I'd go crazy. As much as I love writing, I need a break every now and then.
Sharon: : I agree Kara, I'd rather write the book than plot it all out ahead of time. I first decide on a title and then start from the beginning and write the book. I need music to write. I don’t like silence.
Tell me about your writing and your most recent release.
Kara: I write strictly in the romance genre, but have no issues branching out into all the sub-genres. Most of my books are erotic romances, but I do have a young adult romance and I'm working on a paranormal romance, too.
My most recent release, Jilted, is a friends to lovers story. Amy has had a secret crush on her best friend, Brett, for as long as she could remember. So, when he announces he's getting married to a woman he's known less than six months, Amy's devastated. Brett is jilted at the altar and Amy's there to pick up the pieces. It isn't until Brett convinces Amy to go on his honeymoon with him that their true feelings come out.
Sharon: I write some light paranormal romance and sweet romance.
Halo's Wish is a sweet, Christmas Romance between a pet detective in-training and a Veterinarian. They both have a love of animals and a sense of humor.

Is your next novel already thought out and ready to be written? How long does the planning on a new story take you before you are ready to begin work on it?
Kara: lol. No. I wait for an idea to hit, and then I just sit and start writing. Most of the time, I get inspiration in the form of a single scene or a snippet of dialogue and I build the story around that. Not much planning or plotting goes into any novel before I begin working on it.
Sharon: : Halo's Wish is book one in the Dreams Come True Series. I'm almost done with book two in the series and I'm feverishly working on book three. I'd like to have all of them released before Christmas.
When I get an idea I write it down on a sticky note, lots of sticky notes and then when I'm ready to write the story I try real hard to decipher my writing. Sometimes my husband has to help.

What are your genre preferences in reading? EBook or Hard Copy? Do you have any favorite authors that you admire?
Kara: I always gravitate toward romance, but I also enjoy a good horror or murder mystery. When reading, I prefer ebook simply because my Kindle fits nicely in my purse and I can carry it around easily. Also, I'm neurotic about the condition of my books and I hate to break the spines. Favorite authors…hmm, Ryan Winfield, Lora Leigh, Julie Ann Walker, Stephen King, and James Patterson.
Sharon: I'll read anything if I have the time. I get most of my books from the library, in print. I'd rather feel the paper in my hand. Romance, with thriller and humor aspects are my favorites though.
What other successes and accomplishments have you achieved during your lifetime?
Kara: I've graduated college – twice – both times with a 4.0 GPA. I was a member of my college's National Honor Society. My erotic novella, Never Date a Cop, skyrocketed to the #1 spot on Amazon's Free Erotica best sellers list. Oh, and my YA romance, The Georgia Corbins, has been nominated for a Romance Junkies Reader's Choice Award.
Sharon: That's probably the hardest question to answer. The only thing that truly stands out is my marriage to my husband Eric.
Where are your books sold, who are your publishers, and what are your contact URLs?
Kara: All of my books are sold on Amazon and almost all of them are also sold on Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords, and Kobo. Currently, I work with 4 different publishers: Books to Go Now, Entranced Publishing, Rogue Phoenix Press, and Cobblestone Press. I can be reached via my website: www.karaleighmiller.com. I'm also very active on Facebook (www.facebook.com/KaraLeighMiller) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/KaraLeighMille1).
Sharon: Books To Go Now is my Publisher http://bookstogonow.com/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sharon-Kleve/e/B006JAH14S

I have enjoyed getting to know about you and your books a bit better, Kara Leigh and Sharon! Thank you for allowing me some of your time to be interviewed on my blog!

Kara: Thanks for having us, Janette. It's been fun =)
Sharon: It's been a pleasure. Thank you!

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