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Monday, September 9, 2013

Sasha's Emotional Drain

Hi All!
Here I am with my Sunday Seven! (Let's pretend this is yesterday for a few minutes.) :) It no doubt goes without saying that I have been rather
distracted due to the Press Release my Publisher gave to me. In these 7 Sasha, my heroine, tries to come to terms with the circumstance she finds herself in.

Oh. I am so tired. These past few days in this manor with Viktor, and everything else that I have dealt with, has drained me of all my strength.

Mental and physical fatigue both overwhelmed her. The constant battle of sentiments she waged with Viktor, and the extreme tension she endured because she
never knew exactly what to expect next, dried her exuberance for life. Through all her mental endeavors, she could find no possible explanation for
a human being to have such a large lack of compassion as Viktor. She dragged herself to the room where she slept, dressed down to her underclothes, slipped
under a thick comforter and closed her eyes for sleep...

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