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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Orchard

Hi All! It’s time again for my Sunday Seven Suspenseful Sentences! Let’s see where my current heroine is today and what suspense she faces, shall we?

Her heart warmed and it troubled her no longer whether or not her host cared for her. His attitude of indifference, which grated on her nerves in the large house, failed to annoy her in the orchard.

Self-confidence returned to her in full force as Sasha received a new sensation of her own strength. She assumed a self-assured pace through the ever-shifting shadows under the trees. Completely at one with herself and with everything that surrounded her in the orchard, the young woman lost all track of time. The ageless beauty of the trees enraptured her.

With the turbulence of her emotions thoroughly soothed, the time came as the sun set, she should return to the house to wait for Viktor’s nighttime appearance.

I hope I’ve left you in suspense!


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